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SUPWHEELS 2022 Evolution Classic

display sports ist offizieller SUPWHEELS Distributor für Europa.


An quick foldable transportation system for Sup-, Windsurf-, Kiteboards and even Kayak/Canoe. SUPWHEELS is ready for use in a few seconds without the need of any tool and as well quickly folded to be stowed space-saving.

His strong aluminum axle holds up to two SUP boards. Also SUPWHEELS can be used with a bike thanks to the pratic straphandle.

SUPWHEELS is ideal for private use, but also a helpful accessoire for Canoe/Windsurf/Sup centers/schools.

EVOLUTION CLASSIC for boards with tailored tail and EVO X for wider tails and 


SUPWHEELS 2021 Logo transparent display-

official distributor for EUROPE

We find it the absolute best and comfortable way to walk or bike your board to the water. No matter if SUP-, Windsurf-, Wing- Kiteboard, or many Kayak/Conoe - SUPWHEELS carries all of them - it is mounted and ready in a few seconds only without any tool and stored again in your car within an instant. 
Push or pull your SUPWHEELS easily with only one hand with the  straphandle, or fix it on the saddle of your bike. From time to time grease the axles and don't use it with motor-powered vehicles, such as e-bikes. Take your SUPWHEELS on tour: it is very easy to fix the folded SUPWHEELS on the luggage rack of your SUP board and very useful, specially on several days touring. 

Save your workout for the water, not getting to the water!


Choose SUPWHEELS depending on your board, doesn't matter if hard- or Inflatable:

Max width of tail about 38cm

Tail width about 38-53cm



SUPWHEELS 2022 Evolution Classic
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