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Long lasting tests and countless  prototypes later a complete new shape is born: thanks to innovative materials the AFS WILF is one of the lightest and most resistent wings on the market!
We call it our 4WD Wing: top in all conditions, for beginners as well as for pros! 

Sizes: 2.8 - 3.4 - 4.0 - 5.0 - 6.0

AFS 2021 Wing Wilf


Thanks to maximized spinnaker tension
the AFS WILF WING has an extreme wide
wind range. 

This taut profile generates constant power in light winds for an early takeoff and brings at the same time stability during manoeuver and overpower.

AFS 2022 Wing Wilf
AFS 2022 Wing Wilf

Direct feeling and quick response where key points for the AFS R&D team. 
Efficient pumping is granted due to high-quality manufacture and intelligent, well placed reinforcements.

Its compact, lightweight design and stable profile will let you forget to have a wing in your hands during tricks.
The variable diameter of the leading edge has increased the manoeuverability of the WILF in an impressive way.

AFS 2022 Wing Wilf
AFS 2022 Wing Wilf

Thanks to its two wide handles (three in size 6.0) you will place your hands intuitively in the best position during your manoeuvers, waveriding or freeriding.

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